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As many of you may already know, Veronica Foods Company (our sole terrific importer for Bella Gusta in oils and vinegars) and Mike Bradley (co-owner of Veronica Foods with his wife Veronica) are prominently featured throughout Tom Mueller's new and highly anticipated book Extra Virginity which explores the world of extra virgin olive oil today and historically. Mike Bradley, a world renowned olive oil expert and sensory evaluator contributed greatly to the research for the book and a photo of Mike evaluating extra virgin olive oil can be found towards the center of the book on p.147.

CBS just recently aired a special which highlighted the olive oil trade and some of the unethical practices that are played on consumers with regard to olive oil and base most of their research from Tom Mueller's new book. Our products always have and always will maintain the highest standards for freshness, quality and integrity, and our source of supply is second to none.

If you get a chance, please give it a read.



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To whom it may concern,

We are biggest supplier of EVOO from Turkey. Turkey is mainplace for Olive Oil in the world. I will explain all geographical situation below, place by place.

1. Aegean State. Aegean sea is located between Western Turkey and Eastern Greece. South winds effect every agrocultural situation in Turkey from taste to aromas. Its main reason that Greek and Turkish Olive Oil are sweet (not bitter) , include different and excellent aromas inside.

Pergamon City is the best city where has the best quality EVOO in Turkey. some shores have even better and sweeter EVOO than Greek. We call this place ‘’Pergamon triangle of Taste’’ (in map)

We are working with company in this triangle. We give commitment that we have the best olive oil, and we are ready to prove it by our sample. If you are importing bulk-in EVOO, we can arrange EVOO from this place with 3,55€/kg FOB-Turkey in order to 100 tonnes and up. Price list depends on your request (purchase order) about this place.

2. Ephesus City. This city is located corner of Turkey and agriculture is effected from both Aegean Sea season and Mediterranean Sea season. (In map) Taste is %35 sweet and %65 bitter generally. But it is changing place by place, garden by garden. we should explain that, this place EVOO’s aromas are plenty of variety than other places. You can feel Cardoon, Grassy, Almond, Green Tomato, Dandelion in sweety bitter taste.

We can say that ‘’this EVOO is equally taste and better aromas than Greek EVOO’’ and we can arrange EVOO 500ml dorica bottles by 1,95€/each fob Turkey in order to 1 small contanier and with 1 year contract. You can see whole price list in first page in our quotation in attachment. ( Our price list is spanish language but you can understand easily what is written inside, we are working generally with Spanish people and our many papers are in Spanish Language. We have contract with company in this city and we are sending many countries already. (you can request reference countries)

3. Prusa City. this city is located south of Marmara sea. Let’s say midpoint of between Black Sea and Aegean Sea. This place has biggest olives in turkey, even 18 pieces are equal 100grams (sometimes). So, %80 of olives are being used for breakfasts, but %20 of them are being EVOO. We have biggest ‘’STONE MILL’’ in this city in Turkey. Taste is bitter from this place. Aromas are mid class. But we offer you ’’Stone mill pressed olive oil from this place. You can see price list in our second page of quotation in attachment.

Cooperation terms:

1. We can assist you from every details in Turkey about EVOO. We have contract with many companies, but we know Turkey EVOO situation well and we can supply you from different companies too.

2. We can put your logo and brand on bottles. But to be honest, we can’t help much about prices if you request with your brand, because government restrict some issues about foreign brands, and if we put our own brand on bottles, we can help you to reduce price a bit down.

3. First of all, we wish to prove our quality and we wish to send samples to you. You will pay freight cost for samples as our company policy.

If you are interested with our proposal, we can discuss further about terms&conditions.

4. We are organise your visiting Turkey to see all process from facilities to gardens in villages.

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