Olive Oil in Winter

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Attention Please!! Important: 

Every year in the winter (including this year) we've been getting emails and calls from customers concerned about oil that looks different than normal, either thicker or the texture has changed (some think it looks like a growth or excess sediment).

We wanted to address this so all our customers are aware: this is a normal occurrence this time of year. As the olive oil transports to us from the West Coast they can be subjected to cold temperatures, and this can cause oils to solidify. You can sometimes see a change in texture of the oil that looks like pellets or droplets of something, that is natural vegetable waxes in the oils. 


We have recently experienced a rash of phone calls complaining that there is sludge, gel, particulate, "creamy stuff", coagulation, etc. in our olive oil.  After 10 years of receiving these calls beginning in the colder months of fall and winter, this sudden influx of calls comes as no surprises to us. 

However, we would like to take some time to talk about how extra virgin olive oil behaves when exposed to cold.  When extra virgin olive oil reaches 55 degrees, it will typically begin to cloud.  At 50 degrees most olive oils really begin to set up, at 45 degrees it can become a gel, and any colder, it can look like a solid block.  This doesn't just happen in one fell swoop, however.  There is a evolution from liquid to solid beginning at the bottom of the container and working upwards.  In many cases, it will look like two separate substances in the same container where the solidifying olive oil meets the still liquid olive oil with floating pieces of solidified olive oil in the liquid olive oil.  This process is due to the naturally occurring waxes inside the olive and its pit becoming solid.  Different olives have different amounts of these waxes which dictate how readily they will turn from liquid to solid, and at what temperature.  In other words, no two olive oils set up exactly the same when exposed to cold.  


2019 Winter Hours

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2019 Winter Hours

Most Monday's 11-5* (check website or phone for any changes)

Tuesday 11-5

Wednesday 11-5

Thursday 11-5

Friday 11-5

Saturday 11-5

Sunday 12-4

Please check during any bad weather days
for store closing or modified hours.

Come join the Paleo and Gluten Free Cooking Class !!

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New balsamics arriving for the summer

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Just in time for summer, stop in and try our new white balsamic additions. We are now stocking over 30 vinegars to satisfy every palate!!

Arriving this week are 4 new balsamics. A fresh Key Lime, a full flavored Cascadian Wild Raspberry, a smooth Commice Pear and a heavenly Passion Fruit.

Make your summer meal special!!

Open again on Sundays beginning January 28th

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Winter Hours beginning Sunday January 28th will be:

Tues through Saturday from 11-5

Sundays 12-4

Closed Monday


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Take advantage of FREE SHIPPING for all orders $75.00 and up.

Great time to re-stock!!

Limited time only.

January Store Hours

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January Store Hours

Tuesday through Saturday from 11-5

We will be closed Sunday's and Monday's
 in January

Now you can have your butter and eat it too!

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We recently had a customer ask a  question about our butter flavored olive oil that so many of you already enjoy. Thought we'd pass along this information from our supplier. 

Now you can have your butter and eat it too!

 Our butter flavored extra virgin olive oil only contains 100% natural flavor and that is all. As a matter of fact, there are no chemicals, artificial, synthetic ingredients, dairy, or wheat used in any of our flavored products.  All of our oil infusions are natural and come from plant based essential oils. The ingredient statement for our butter flavored olive oil reads:  certified extra virgin olive oil, organic compatible natural flavor.  The nutritional information for this oil is identical to a standard extra virgin olive oil nutritional statement.  There are no allergens associated with our product as its dairy free.  We do offer allergen statements for all of our products and encourage you to keep a copy on hand to address questions regarding allergens.  


Our butter olive oil brings together the best of both worlds with all the health benefits and phenols of extra virgin olive oil and the rich 100% natural flavor of butter.  We suggest using our natural butter extra virgin olive oil on pancakes, in baking to replace butter in recipes, drizzled over mashed potatoes, popcorn, and pasta or simply to dip bread in.


We hope you enjoy!!





Balsamic vinegar is not just for adults anymore.

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Want to get your little ones to eat healthy? Try adding a great balsamic to their veggies or salad. This little foodie came in with her grandma and grandpa for a private tasting and left with a great assortment of balsamics. Yummy!

New arrivals !!!

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Our first batch of Northern Hemisphere Olive Oils from the last crush have arrived!!


We are introducing today an organic Arbequina from California, a smooth and creamy Cobrancosa from Portugal and a very robust Hojiblanca from Spain.


Please stop in and give these new single varietal oils a taste while they are available. All of these are ultra fresh and also will have limited quantities. Don't miss out on these!!

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